New Construction

IMRAE, partnered with Fullmer Construction and CC Myers, provided the anti-graffiti stain on the new sound absorbing (SoundSorb®) concrete noise walls on the “Gene Autry Way” project for the City of Anaheim. These recently installed precast wall panels are SoundSorb textured with Ashlar Stone and are designed to absorb approximately 90% of the traffic noise that impacts the wall, which exceeds current CALTRANS standards for controlling noise along busy highways.

The sealer/stain (Yosemite brown color) applied on the concrete wall panel is our Coat Masters Gloss Sealer applied for color and anti-graffiti protection. The CM Gloss Sealer tinted with our proprietary blend of colorants is the approved and qualified sacrificial anti-graffiti coating applied on the wall panels. Field testing by the designer and city inspectors preferred the CM Gloss Sealer due to it ability to sustain the sound absorptive characteristics, excelent hiding, color blend performance, and enhanced aesthetic appearance. Unlike, other coatings or paints the film properties of the sealer/stain helps maintain the breathability and absorptive qualities of the panels.

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Gene Autry Way - Anaheim, CA