The technical section provides helpful articles to understand the theory behind overall concrete protection. Interesting topics such as corrosion protection, water repellancy, water proofing, and architectural preservation are discussed with further references for review. Please check us back for new technical releases and updates.


This section shows the various areas in construction where CoatMasters producs (CM Integral Waterproofing Admixture, CM Impregnating Sealers, and CM Film Forming Sealer) can be used.

Construction - New-Pre Fabricated Wall Panels, Tilt-ups, Blocks, Shotcrete, Bridge Water Foundation, Swimming Pools, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and General Precast

Civil Engineering - Above and Below Grade Foundations, Green Roofs, Retaining Wall, and Parking Structures

Refurbishment / Renewal - Concrete Spalling Repairs, Decorative Restorations, and Building Rehabilitation "Green Building"


A select sample projects in various areas of construction are presented to give highlight on actual product applications. Please select areas of interest, and check us back regularly for new project update contributions from our customers.

Architectural Precast
Structural Precast
GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
Decorative Concrete
Rehabilitated Concrete Structure
New Construction


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