Why Imrae

To introduce a new admixture for concrete that is far superior than any current technology in areas of water protection and repellency.


To develop high performance impregnating and film forming products that truly exhibits excellent performance characteristics.

CoatMasters products are composed of environmentally friendly silicon modified emulsions designed for long term protection of construction materials against the destructive impacts of humidity, water penetration and chloride ions. These new waterborne emulsion formulations can now perform extremely well as traditional solvent borne coatings.  

Hydrophobic silicones in particular have proved through more than 40 years of use to be highly effective in creating humidity barriers in building materials. Humidity and dampness are the main reasons for various forms of damage and unsightly appearance in buildings. The porous structure of different mineral construction materials gives them a high sensitivity towards water absorption. The destructive effects of freeze-thaw changes, erosion of the structure and micro-organisms which prosper in humid environments are well understood phenomena. The erosion of reinforcing steels in concrete construction can also be attributed to the corrosive effects of absorbed water, and may require expensive renovation. Efflorescence, washing out of lime and the growth of mosses, fungi, and algae all occur on wet surfaces. Finally, the thermal insulation of masonry is impaired under these wet conditions.

To realize practical savings on long term maintenance and long term customer satisfaction that truly delivers a “Value Adding Product”.

A value to the customers in protecting an investment.

Whether in new building construction, reconstruction or renovation, the water resistance of a building should not be left as the last taks of planners, businessmen and clients in defending against the financial losses caused by water damage. Chemistry plays an important role in "architectural protection" and should be to the forefront of every strategy for blocking water ingress. The effectiveness of CoatMasters film and non-film forming sealers provides several of the following benefits.  

* High water repellancy
* Excellent vapor permeability
* Reduced salt transmission and chloride ion penetration
* Stain protection
* Good alkali resistance
* Good penetration
* Uniform substrate appearance
* Long term effectiveness
* VOC (volatile organic component) compliant
* Environmentally friendly

To provide an environmental solution in eliminating use of solvent based coatings as major source of VOC emissions.

Environmentally and Regulatory compliant water based emulsions. 

Growing environmental consciousness and official regulations demands low VOC or no-VOC on various types of coatings in general. CoatMasters products are designed to have very low VOC's, for sealers they all very well exceed below limit requirements of Rule 1113 of the South Coast Air Quality Management District for Waterproofing Concrete / Masonry Sealers. Currently the limit for sealers is 100 grams/liter maximum which took effect on July 1, 2006. 

The use of CoatMasters admixture as an integral part of any cementitious composition totally eliminates the need for any VOC related add-on coating sealer materials when integrated in the fabrication of any type of concrete material. This significantly reduces and up to eliminates VOC emissions on renovated and new construction building materials requiring waterproofing protection.


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