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    Featured Project

    Constructed by Four-Con Engineering
    A local city project for the City of Claremont, this water fountain was a PIP (Pour-in-Place) protected using CM 2007 impregnating sealer. Located at the Claremont Village, Claremont, CA.



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    Water Repellancy

    Excellent Hydrolytic Stability
    A unique feature of both our topical and impregnating sealers is their ability to maintain performance integrity. Exhibits excellent water resistance, and provides a breathable concrete surface for release of vapor pressure.

  • Featured Project

    Rehabilitated by AB Construction & Unlimited Concepts
    La Perla #7 Tower Coronado Shores, Coronado, CA. The work performed repair of ledges due to concrete spalling caused by salt water moisture, process consists of removal of old coatings, patching, impregnating using CM2007 CI (w/ Corrosion Inhibitors), and application of CM Stain Blocking Primer and CM Elastomeric Coating.

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    Product Formulation

    Quality thru Product Innovation
    “Quality products are produced thru continuous product innovation” One must stand out from the rest with the desire of outperforming the competition in both overall cost and value.

  • Featured Project

    La Jolla Towers, San Diego, CA
    Precast seatwalls along water features requires water stain resistance, and protection from effloresence. To meet customer requirements, contractors uses CM2007 or CM3007 for concrete protection

  • New Innovative Coating

    Dampproof and Waterproof Coating
    Precast utility vaults sprayed with CM7007, a hybrid asphalt emulsion designed for spraying, rolling and brushing. The product dries like a regular thick coating with high abrasion resistance properties (non- softening and non-peeling) upon cure. Also, exhibits UV resistance for improve color stability.

  • Featured Project

    Gene Autry Way, Anaheim CA
    Sound absorbing panels sealed with CM Gloss Sealer/Stain, tinted with proprietary blend of colorants. The product is approved and qualified as a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating due to its ability to sustain sound absorptive characteristics, excellent hiding, color blend performance, and enhanced aesthetic appearance. Unlike, other coatings or paints the film properties of the sealer/stain helps maintain the breathability and absorptive qualities of the panels.


Welcome to Imrae Corporation


IMRAE Corporation is a specialty products manufacturer specializing in developing advanced polymeric systems for various substrate applications.

To introduce a new admixture for concrete that is far superior than any current technology in areas of water protection and repellency. [read more]

To develop high performance impregnating and film forming products that truly exhibits excellent performance characteristics. [read more]

To realize practical savings on long term maintenance and long term customer satisfaction that truly delivers a “Value Adding Product”. [read more]

To provide an environmental solution in eliminating use of solvent based coatings as major source of VOC emissions. [read more]

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picture Are you a Rainmaker? IMRAE is actively looking for Manufacturers' Reps in all territories, local and international markets, existing and new areas.

Add value with new complimentary products, valued market opportunities, but not limited to, includes general precast (architectural & structural) markets, paint & coating construction service areas, maintenance building market, and general industrial coating applications.

For interested parties, please email us at info@imrae.com, ATTN: Sales Department or call at (951) 413-0240 for additional information.