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Recommended Poduct Applications

CM 9007 (Integral Waterproofing Admixture)

CM 2007 (Impregnating Sealer)

CM Gloss / Matte (Film Forming Sealer)


CM 9007 (Integral Waterproofing Admixture) - Ideal application for providing protection against water ingress, penetration of dissolved salts, growth of bacteria and molds. In addition, provides additional corrosion protection in structural reinforced concrete.

CM Film Forming Sealers - For vertical and horizontal applications for additional stain protection, if needed. Film forming sealers releases hydrostatic pressure, and are bretheable for varying tempertature conditions on below and above ground levels. It does not release any VOC, and therefore do not contaminate the ground soil..




CM 9007 (Integral Waterproofing Admixture) - Whether buildings pools from a traditional pouring of mortar or to the more sophisticated "Shotcrete" technique, addition of the integral waterproofer provides extensive benefits in reducing water penetration due to hydrostatic pressure, chloride ion protection especially on "salt water" pools, and in addition to corrosion protection on all reinforced concrete.

Mix desgins of lower W/C (water to cement ratio) further improves all properties where tightness of concrete pores even greatly reduces problems assiciated with water and chloride ion penetration.

CM 2007 (Impregnating Sealer) - For concrete materials frequently exposed to water, preferably used on non-monolithic part finishes such as in architectural precast of various cementitous types coating of CM 2007 helps maintain the natural look of the concrete without the sheen effect while additionally providing the required water sealing protection against formation of effloresence, water stains, and carbonation.






CM 9007 (Integral Waterproofing Admixture) - Above and Below grade concrete, in addition to waterproofing protection it protects structural rebar from effects of corrosion.

CM Film Forming Sealers - For concrete driveways, parking lots, and general pavement for providing additional stain resistance from food spills, oil leaks, and hot tire protection. The sealer can also be used in sealing vertical surfaces that may require additional graffiti protection for both interior and extior application.